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School Administration

Our campus administrators are best available via email. If you have a question or concern, please address it with the appropriate administrator.

For a complete list of email addresses for our school faculty and staff, click here.

Matthew 18 Principle: If you have a concern pertaining to your child’s progress in class, please make appropriate contact with your child’s teacher first. If reasonable resolution cannot be agreed upon, you should then contact the administrator for your child’s grade level.

Attendance Procedures

Upper School (Grades 7-12)

What time does the school building open each morning?

Students are permitted to enter the school building at 7:15 AM each morning. Students are required to wait in the MAC Café under the supervision of assigned faculty and staff. At the 7:35 AM bell, students are permitted to enter the E & D-wing hallways, locker areas, and classrooms.

Students are required to exit the school building and campus by 2:30 PM daily. The only exception applies when a student is staying after school for tutoring, study-tables, athletic or academic teams, etc., of which the student must be under official supervision beginning at 2:20 PM and remain supervised by the staff member until the student exits the building and campus.

What is the official procedure for contacting the school when my child is absent?

Call the Upper School Attendance Office at 614-382-1111 ext. 415 to notify the school of the absence.

In order for the student absence to be considered excused, the school attendance office must receive a written excuse from the parent/guardian. An email is acceptable and should include the following: 1) Student Name, 2) Date of Absence(s), 3) Reason for Absence. Please send this information to

If a student is absent for three or more consecutive days for medical reasons, a doctor’s excuse is required upon return to school. The absences will remain unexcused until the documentation has been received and verified.

What does the Ohio Department of Education classify as an excused absence?

  • Illness or injury of the student
  • Illness in the family requiring the presence of the student
  • Quarantine of the home
  • Death of a relative
  • Medical or dental appointment
  • Religious holiday
  • College visitation*
  • Other emergency as approved by the school administration

*Student is required to take the official HPS College Visitation Form with them to the visit and have it signed by the college admissions department. The signed form is due upon return to school in order for the absence to be marked as excused.

What is considered a tardy?

Students who are not in their assigned 1st or 5th block classroom by the 7:45 AM tardy bell are officially considered tardy. The tardy is considered unexcused unless it is accompanied with a written note from a parent/guardian or faculty/staff member. In addition to the reasons listed for an excused absence, inclement weather is considered an excused tardy.

Each time students are tardy unexcused ten (10) times within a grading period they will be issued a Saturday School. Students are also considered tardy during the school day if they are not present in their assigned classroom when the tardy bell rings, of which then they are required to report to the Upper School Attendance Office for an unexcused tardy pass.

Who should I contact if I have additional questions?

Ms. Cindy Arthur serves as the Upper School Attendance Coordinator for Harvest Preparatory School and can answer your questions pertaining to the standards as established by the Ohio Department of Education, as well as requirements established by the school. Ms. Arthur can be reached at 614-382-1111 ext. 415 or via email at

Lower School (PK-Grade 6)

The earliest time that a student in Grades PK-6 can be permitted into the building is 7:20 AM. All students in Grades K-6 should use the East Entrance and students in PK should use the South Entrance. Students should not be left unattended at the building door before 7:20 AM.

Parents/Guardians of students in Pre-Kindergarten-Grade 6 should notify the Lower School Office Attendance Coordinator, LaTanya Dowdell, by phone at 614-382-1111 ext. 218 or to report a student absence.

A written note or email should be made available to the school office or classroom teacher before or upon the student returning to school. See above for the classification of excused absences.

Bell Schedule
To view the standard Upper School Bell Schedule, click here. Special bell schedules are announced periodically to accommodate for events such as Honor Roll Assembles, Pep Rallies, and Spiritual Emphasis Weeks.
Food Services Department 

To view the current lunch menu, click here.

Harvest Preparatory School provides the opportunity for students to purchase a hot lunch that is nutritious and appetizing, at the following daily rates:

  • Pre-School: $2.00
  • K-12: $3.00
  • Extra milk: $.50

The HPS Food Services Department ensures that our students meet the age-appropriate USDA nutritional requirements for a balanced meal, in full compliance with the Congressional Healthy Hunger Free Kids Acts.

The standard daily school lunch consists of a meat or meat alternative, grain, fruit, vegetable, and milk.

A la carte menu items are also available daily for students in middle and high school (Grades 7-12) on a daily basis. Prices vary and are subject to change without notice. Sample menu items include: chicken wraps, chicken salads, pepperoni pizza, grilled chicken sandwich, chicken wings, and French fries. Vending machines with healthy snacks and beverages are also available for student purchase during the lunch blocks.

While students are encouraged to purchase the hot lunch provided by the school, they are also permitted to bring a packed lunch from home. Students do not have access to refrigeration during the school day. Microwaves and toaster usage is available in the cafeteria eating area only.

Harvest Preparatory School participates in the free-reduced lunch program. To determine eligibility, click here, and submit the completed application form to the HPS Food Services Department for processing.

The school has a “closed” lunch policy, meaning students are not permitted to leave the campus during the lunch blocks. The only exception to this policy applies when a student follows the procedure for early dismissal and is approved to leave the building (ie. with a parent/guardian) for lunch. Students are not permitted to invite outside guests or students form other schools to join them for lunch.

If you need to add money to your child's lunch account, please do so through the program.

Wellness Policy

To view the Wellness Policy, click here.

Student Health Clinic

Download COVID Home Test Instructions

Student Health Clinic Nurse: Christine Poe, RN
Student Health Clinic Contact Information: 614-382-1111 ext. 402 or 614-837-9591 (fax)

Access Student Medical Forms

Covid-19 Home Test Guide


RenWeb is our school management system and parent portal that provided a web interface for many common tasks. Features of the system include: student information management, access to student grades, student attendance, and student scheduling. We also email student progress reports and quarterly grade reports.

If you are a parent/guardian and need assistance in accessing your RenWeb account, click here.

If you are a student and need assistance in accessing your RenWeb account, click here.

If you have recently moved, changed your email, or telephone number, please contact the Enrollment Services at 614-382-1111 ext. 206, so we can update your information.

You may log into your ParentsWeb via RenWeb by clicking here.

Student Handbook

See attached handbook here.

The Harvest Preparatory School Student Handbook has been compiled to improve communication among the administrators, faculty, parents, and students. We urge you to read it carefully, to encourage your child(ren) to become familiar with it, and to comply with the established rules and regulations set forth in it. While the school handbook cannot possibly address all of the rule infractions for which students may be disciplined, it does provide guidelines about student life at Harvest Preparatory School.

Student Supply List

See attached supply list here.

Transportation Services

As a non-public school, Harvest Preparatory School does not operate its own bus or transportation services. The following area public schools do provide transportation for students attending our school who reside within their districts:

Parents/guardians are responsible for contacting the transportation department of their home public school district to make official transportation requests.

If a student bus is late in the morning to pick up your student or late in the afternoon to drop off your student, you should contact the public-school district transportation office that is transporting your student, not Harvest Preparatory School.

Ms. Susan Carlos is our Transportation Coordinator and can assist parents/guardians with making contact with the public-school districts, as necessary. She can be reached via email at



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