Continuous Enrollment Policy

Harvest Preparatory School no longer has a re-enrollment policy, but has recently moved to a Continuous Enrollment method. This simply means, once a student is enrolled, they will continue to be enrolled as long as all established conditions and obligations are met annually.

In January of each year, currently enrolled families will be charged a Continuous Enrollment Fee by way of the Tuition Management System. Once the fee has been paid, the student will be placed on the applicable grade level roster for the next school year. If the family plans to withdraw for any reason at the end of the current school year, they must notify the Enrollment Services Center by the last day of January to ensure the that fee is not applied to their account.

The Continuous Enrollment Fee is non-refundable. If a student withdraws after the fee has been paid, or if the student is dismissed from the school for any reason, they forfeit the opportunity for a refund. This includes moving out of the area, being dismissed for academic, behavioral, or attendance reasons, and outstanding tuition balances.

When the Open Enrollment period for new students begins in February of each year, newly accepted students have the opportunity to be placed on their assigned grade level roster as they are admitted. If a current student plans to withdraw but then decides to return to the school after February, they are still required to pay the Continuous Enrollment Fee as a condition of returning to the school and before a spot can be reserved on the grade level roster.

For any questions pertaining to billing or fees, please contact the Enrollment Services Center at 614-382-1111 (Option #7) or by email at



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