Scholarships & Financial Aid

Harvest Preparatory School accepts the following scholarships:

EdChoice Tradtional Scholarship

In order to determine scholarship eligibility, please confirm that your child’s home public school is on the List of Designated Public Schools: EdChoice Traditional Scholarship

EdChoice Expansion Scholarship

In order to determine scholarship eligibility, please confirm that your household income meets the requirement: EdChoice Expansion Scholarship

If your child qualifies for one of the EdChoice Scholarships, your child must be fully accepted and enrolled into our school before you can submit the required scholarship application and supplemental documentation to the Ohio Department of Education.

The EdChoice Acceptance Letter is due to the Enrollment Services Center before a student can begin classes. Receipt of the letter confirms that scholarship payments have been approved by the Ohio Department of Education and will be made to the school on a monthly basis.

Please note that the scholarship only covers the cost of tuition, not the required school enrollment fees, which must be paid by the parent/guardian.

OCEN SGO Scholarship

The scholarships provided through the Ohio Christian Education Network – Scholarship Grant Organization are made available by way of redirected tax dollars by generous members of our school community to make private Christian education a possibility for those who may not otherwise have the opportunity to attend Harvest Preparatory School. Awards are prioritized for students with demonstrated financial need and the annual amounts may vary.

Apply for SGO Scholarship for 2024-2025
Legacy Family Scholarship

Our school provides a 25% discount on tuition only for any student whose parent/guardian is a graduate of Harvest Preparatory School or World Harvest Christian Academy.

Lillian G. Watkins Legacy Scholarship

A $500 scholarship is awarded annually to one rising senior towards tuition and fees. The recipient is selected based on mathematics and science assessment scores and is awarded at the Spring Honors Assembly.

Staff Student Scholarship

All full-time faculty and staff members are eligible to receive a 75% scholarship towards tuition for their children.

Financial Aid

Harvest Preparatory School offers limited financial aid to families who qualify based on financial need. The financial aid application process and additional information is available by contacting the Enrollment Services Center.



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