Lower School

Children are naturally curious and we strive to capture that sense of wonder at every developmental stage as students learn about the world and their place in it. Our loving Christian teachers guide our students in seeing God in everything, as they teach about His wonderfully integrated creation from a Biblical worldview.

The years a student spends in lower school serves as the foundation for their academic progress and success in future years. Our curriculum is Biblically-based and challenges students to reach their maximum potential in all areas. Students enjoy specials courses, including music, art, technology, and physical education. We integrate field trip experiences and on-site learning into our content areas that allow our students to learn through a hands-on approach by seeing how God has a place in every aspect of life.



FEB 13

Parent-Teacher Conf. 3-7pm

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FEB 14

Parent-Teacher Conf. 8am-12pm (NO SCHOOL for students)

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