Policy for Student Supervision
& Pick-Up for No-Show Buses

In the event that one of the public-school districts who bus students to our campus does not provide transportation services in the afternoon, it remains the responsibility of the legal parent/guardian to arrange the appropriate transportation for their child within a 30-minute window of the communication being released by the school. The school will contact all applicable parents/guardians as soon as communication is made to our transportation coordinator and provide instructions on where to pick up your child. Communication will be made by email and the text alert system.

Students who are not registered to attend the Extended Care program will not be permitted to attend when a no-show situation occurs. Only those students who have completed the registration for the program have permission to participate in the program while waiting for their parent/guardian. Any student in Lower School who has a sibling in Middle School or Upper School will be paired with their sibling to wait for their ride at the Middle School/Upper School pick-up area near the Breakthrough World Ministry Globe.

If the parent/guardian is unable to cooperate and arrange transportation for their child within the 30-minute window, a call will be placed to the Columbus Police Department for a Wellness Check of the residence of the student, which will typically escalate to a call being made to the Franklin County Children’s Services and dismissal from Harvest Preparatory School.

No-show situations inconvenience all parties and are always out of the control of Harvest Preparatory School. It is absolutely essential and imperative that all parties together within reason to ensure students are safely and securely picked up from our campus in a timely manner.



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