Harvest Prep Partners with Ohio Christian Education Network

Friends of Harvest Preparatory School now have a cost-free way to make a significant contribution to the students of our school.  Thanks to Ohio's state tax credit for taxpayers who make a contribution to certified Scholarship Granting Organizations like Ohio Christian Education Network Scholarship Granting Organization (OCEN SGO), you are able to make a gift that will be designated for scholarships to worthy students attending our school.  The OCEN SGO is operated by the Ohio Christian Education Network (OCEN) and our school may take advantage of OCEN SGO through its membership with OCEN.  

Here's how it works:

1.  Go to OCEN SGO and click either GIVE ONLINE or MAIL A CHECK button to contribute.  Be sure to select Harvest Preparatory School in the drop-down menu so that your entire contribution will be designated for scholarships to students at our school. If you give onlie, OCEN SGO will immediately email you a receipt for your gift.  If you mail a check, OCEN SGO will send a receipt once the check is received.  This is the receipt you will use to claim your credit when you file your state taxes.

2.  For gifts up to $750, you will receive dollar-for-dollar state tax credit for gifts during that tax year.  Thanks to a recent change in state law, gifts made prior to April 15 of the subsequent year may also be credited to the previous year's tax liability.  So you can make a gift in April 2024 and credit it toward your 2023 taxes.  You will receive 100% of your contribution back, up to $750 for individuals or $1500 for couples, when you file your taxes for the year.  The students at our school receive the benefit of your gift at essentially no cost to you.

3.   Since the tax credit is granted per individual taxpayer, married couples filing jointly may receive up to $1500 in credit if both names are included on the gift.  You may contribute more than $750, but the credit is capped at $750 per taxpayer.  Gifts beyond the cap may be claimed as a typical deduction.

4.  Once a gift is claimed as a state tax credit, it is not eligible to be claimed as a federal deduction if the taxpayer is itemizing.

OCEN SGO is a certified Scholarship Granting Organization by the Ohio Attorney General.

Students with a demonstrated financial need are prioritized, but all students are eligble to apply for an OCEN SGO scholarship.  Your gifts not only benefit our students by making enrollment more financially accessible, they also help relieve a signficant portion of the school budget that is committed to financial aid, freeing those funds for other important uses.