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Girls Varsity Basketball

Basketball Camp
4/9/2018 (read more)
Game Workers Needed for the 2017-18 School Year
5/4/2017 (read more)

11/22, 7:30pm Horizon Science HOME Harvest Preparatory School (map)
11/26, 7:30pm Granville Christian HOME Harvest Preparatory School (map)
11/30, 7:30pm Fairfield Christian HOME Harvest Prep (map)
12/3, 7:30pm Columbus School for Girls HOME Harvest Prep (map)
12/6, 7:30pm Fisher Catholic HOME Harvest Prep (map)
12/9, 7:00pm Madison Christian HOME Madison Christian (map)
12/14, 7:30pm Berne Union away Berne Union (map)
12/17, 7:30pm Grove City Christian away Grove City Christian (map)
12/20, 7:30pm Millersport HOME Harvest Prep (map)
12/23, 7:30pm Westland away Westland (map)
1/4, 7:30pm Bishop Rosecrans away Bishop Rosecrans (map)
1/6, 6:30pm KIPP HOME Harvest Prep (map)
1/10, 7:30pm Grove City Christian HOME Harvest Prep (map)
1/15, 7:30pm Centennial away Centennial (map)
1/16, 7:30pm Fairfield Christian away Fairfield Christian (map)
1/18, 7:30pm Fisher Catholic away Fisher Catholic (map)
1/24, 7:30pm Cristo Rey Columbus HOME Harvest Prep (map)
1/28, 7:30pm Berne Union HOME Harvest Prep (map)
1/30, 6:00pm Columbus Academy away Columbus Academy (map)
2/1, 7:30pm Millersport away Millersport (map)
2/3, 7:30pm Hamilton Township away Hamilton Township (map)
2/7, 7:30pm Bishop Rosecrans HOME Harvest Prep (map)

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Bo McClure
Head Coach

Assistant Coach

Assistant Coach