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Girls Basketball
6/16/16There will be an informational meeting for anyone interested in Girls Basketball 7th -12th grades on June 22nd at 6PM in the Cave. Our new coach will be introduced and she will give out information about the upcoming year. 

Congratulations to the 2015 HPS Varsity Football Team!
12/7/15 − What a year this team has had!
  • Finished with a 9 win season!
  • Won the Mid-State League Two years in a row!
  • Secured a Home field Playoff game for the first time
  • Won a Playoff game for the first time
We are proud of you Coach Smith and the HPS Varsity Football Warriors. You have laid the foundation for success for many years to come!
Upcoming Games / Events
8/29 Varsity Volleyball
    vs. Marion Franklin High School
8/31 Varsity Soccer
    vs. William V. Fisher Catholic High School
9/1 Varsity Soccer
    vs. Liberty Christian Academy - Pataskala Branch
9/1 Middle School Volleyball
    vs. St Mary
9/1 Varsity Volleyball
    vs. William V. Fisher Catholic High School

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Game Scores
8/26:  0 - Varsity Football    vs.    0 - Bexley Middle and High School
8/25:  0 - Varsity Volleyball    vs.    0 - Berne Union High School
8/25:  0 - Middle School Volleyball    vs.    0 - Berne Union
8/23:  0 - Varsity Soccer    vs.    0 - Bishop Ready High School
8/22:  0 - Varsity Volleyball    vs.    0 - Liberty Christian Academy - Pataskala Branch
8/20:  0 - Varsity Soccer    vs.    0 - East Knox Middle and High School
8/20:  0 - Varsity Volleyball    vs.    0 - Granville Christian/PATRIOT PREPARATORY
8/19:  0 - Varsity Football    vs.    0 - Independence-Columbus High School
8/12:  0 - Varsity Football    vs.    0 - Northland High School
8/9:  0 - Varsity Football    vs.    0 - St. Charles Preparatory School

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Mission Statement
The Harvest Preparatory Athletic Program, grades 7-12, should provide a variety of experiences to aid in the development of favorable habits and attitudes in students that will prepare them for adult life in a democratic society.